vastu and geo pathetic stress

Vastu and GeoPathetic stress.

Vastu and Geopathic Stress
Geopathic stress refers to the not so good effects of unstable electromagnetic fields
emanating from the earth and Vastu or Astrovastu is all about arrangement and placement of areas on the
premises. There are many defects seen through the ancient science of architecture norms profoundly know as VASTU and Geopathic Stress as seen
through modern science. Geopathology is a theory which establishes the connection between the radiations from the earth with the humans, radiation here refers to the energy that is
emanating from the land .The most understood factors disturbing is Geopathic Stress, E-smog and Electromagnetic
Radiations. When choosing an area to measure , it’s important to think about the energy that’s
emanating from the land that it’s built on because it can have the main effect on us.
Geopathic Stress zones can also be man-made. These would include electromagnetic fields
that are emitted from hydro towers, satellite towers, wi-fi networks, electrical street poles and
transformers, and residential fuse boxes.
Possible Symptoms Of Geopathic Stress
According to a survey, it had been established that strong electromagnetic rays crossed their homes.
Geopathic stress has been found to be the foremost common reason for several severe health
problems and mental disorders. It gradually increases the frequency of your system .
Geopathic Stress
The most common Geopathic Stress symptoms in humans are:
Resistance to medical treatment
Feeling run down or exhausted
Loss of appetite
Food allergies
Sensitivity to electronics
Depletion of trace elements, vitamins and minerals
The physical signs of Geopathic Stress ashore are:
Twisted growth in trees
Bare patches in lawns
Dead or stunted gaps in hedges and rows of trees
Non productive fruit trees
Tree cankers
Growth of moss and fungi

Mutated growth in vegetable gardens
Infestations of slugs and snails
Insects, parasites, bacteria, viruses
Ants and termite nests
Wasp nests and Bees nests
One of the best ways to identify if your home is being affected by bad earth rays is to watch for
any kind of chronic illnesses. If you kids experience frequent nightmares, wakes up crying, or
wets the bed regularly, it’s going to be the sign that the bed is being suffering from geopathic stress. There are many geopathic stress solutions available. Even devices such as Geopathic Stress Scanner are available.
Remedies For Geopathic Stress
Geopathic Stress synonymous with the Vastu Defects are often minimized using very effective
tools having powers of reflecting or bouncing, absorbing and blocking the negative energies at a
particular place structure. Here are the simplest ways to affect geopathic stress:
Consider getting the geopathic neutralizing gadgets. Keep in mind that gadgets would only help
your place free from bad earth rays just for short amount of your time . This is believed to be an
effective geopathic stress remedies. Here is how to check geopathic stress at home.
Performing earth acupuncture is another effective remedies.
Hammering lengths of copper pipes or iron rods into the bottom works like magic, but this will
be fairly expensive treatment.
Vastu norms help us alleviate the bad earth rays if they’re applied correctly.
Geopathic rods benefits:
Geopathic rods composed of 12 various sorts of minerals, crystal pyramids along side golden
ratio shield which provides off high positive energy which features a capability to beat or subsides
all the negative energies including Geopathic stress.
More solutions

Geopathic Stress affects and drains a  person’s biofield. However, it takes a while until the body
runs into troubles. Try to identify Geopathic zones, interpret sleeping patterns and watch the
habits of your pets. Move your bed and work desk to a Geopathic Stress-free area. Reduce your digital
time on mobile phones and cordless phones. Keep electronics items out of your bedrooms,
don’t use a microwave.
So while correcting your house as per vastu, it’s also important to see Geopathic Stress in
the bedrooms to avoid the likelihood of severe illnesses.
Geopathic stress may be a quite mash-up between electrosmog, principle and dowsing (another phenomenon simply explained via the ideomotor effect). The basic idea is this: the world features a natural vibration, but things like underground watercourses, drainage pipes, underground tunnels and even simple geological faults distort this vibration. If the vibration is disturbed, and you’re standing (or sitting, or sleeping, or doing anything) above this distortion point, then your health and behavior are going to be affected. Many websites explains geopathic stress have linked it to everything from road rage and child abuse to miscarriage, cot death, suicide and cancer. Others claim that you can find sources of stress in or around your house via dowsing and fix it by moving your bed our of the way of the distortion field.
As a general rule of thumb, if someone tells you that one factor or phenomenon can cause such an enormous range of ailments, then it should ring an alarm bell in your mind. Claims about geopathic stress are no exception. Ask for evidence, and see whether there are any convincing research to copy the claim. If this was a well-researched phenomenon, you’d expect to ascertain an honest amount of knowledge during a mainstream journal that focuses on medicine or biology – not squirrelled away within the engineering literature,or in an obscure alternative medicine journal.
Similarly, there doesn’t appear to be any robust research into what kind of biological mechanism might explain how one phenomenon could account for such a good range of medical and non-medical issues, and again nothing published within the medical literature. Some explanations appeal to the suggestion that because the vibrations occur at specific frequencies (around 7 Hz), then they’ll interfere with patterns of brain activity called alpha waves, which occur at about the same frequency. Alpha waves are related to relaxed wakefulness, so you’ll imagine a scenario during which , thanks to constant disruption of those waves, an individual could also be unable to relax or sleep appropriately, which could successively cause a variety of health problems (even  Gems helps in rectifying health issues).

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