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what is AstroVastu?

Firstly,we should know what is Vastu?

VastuShastra is an ancient science of living.Through VastuShastra we try and benefit from the cosmic energies which infuse life or say “Prana” into the structure .The word “Vastu” is derived from the root “Vas” which means “To Reside”.Vaastu means dwelling of Humans and Gods in the original Sanskrit literature.

Many factors govern the life of a human being; his fate,Karma and surroundings. Vastu shastra helps in making sweet things sweeter and bitter things less bitter.

What is Astrology?

Astrology is an art that extends way beyond your personal horoscopes. Astrology is also a scientific study¬† based on the¬† planetary positions that were present at the time of earth in the cosmic world. The transit and the relationship of the planets helps to forecast the happenings in one’s life. The planetary position, the zodiac signs and the birth time constitutes the birth chart, which is commonly also known as HOROSCOPE. The horoscope helps in forecasting the course of life.

What is AstroVastu?

When Astrology and Vastu are combined and applied,it becomes ASTROVASTU and it helps one in having own favourable personal space for overall success and growth native.

The Astro Vastu analysis work on three parameters; The Individual Horoscope, Vastu principles and the auspicious time or Muhurata.There is a deep connection between Astrology and Vastu.

Vastu talks about favorable Directions and in astrology planets, houses and signs also have favorable directions .The correlation of Vastu and Astrology signifies each direction has different impact on different person. Principles of Vastu can improve situations but complete astro vastu can totally enhance it for contended and prosperous life.